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The proper collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater are essential to the public’s health and safety. Increasing population and economic growth are triggering the extension of sewage systems further into suburban and rural areas. At the same time society is strengthening the environmental protection regulations. Concern for exceptional value streams has increased the use of spray irrigation systems and nutrient discharge limits are being lowered to protect rivers, lakes, and bays.

These conditions require the experience and creativity of Reilly Associates’ engineers. Our emphasis is on insightful planning and cost-effective execution. Reilly Associates will conceive the plan and guide the project through construction and into the start-up phase. Our engineers work with clients on a continuing basis after construction providing long-term operational support.

Our Wastewater Services Include:

Planning & Studies

  • Act 537 Plans – Sewage Facility Plan
  • Master Planning and System Modeling
  • Capacity Study
  • On-lot Sewage Management Plan
  • Infiltration/Inflow (I&I) Study
  • Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES)
  • TV Inspections and Smoke Testing
  • Preparation of Intermunicipal Conveyance and Treatment
  • Agreements
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Rate District Study
  • Calculation of Tap-in Fee (Act 203)  

Wastewater Collection and Conveyance

  • Sewage Collection System  Design
  • Interceptor Design
  • Low-pressure Sewer System Design
  • Sewage Pumping Station Design
  • Emergency Power Generation
  • Flow Meter Stations
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Siphon Analysis and Design
  • Combined Sewer Systems
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Abatement
  • Sewer Crossings (River, Bridge, Railroad)
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Using Linings and Chemical Grouting
  • Preparation of Sewer Use Ordinances
  • Permit Application Assistance  

 Sewage Treatment Facilities

  • Conventional Sewage Treatment Design
  • Advanced Sewage Treatment Design
  • Sludge/Residuals Processing and Management
  • Incinerator Design
  • Disinfection Alternatives
  • Odor Abatement
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Operations Assistance
  • Permit Application Assistance
  • Construction Engineering

Financial Assistance and Reporting

  • Grant and Low Interest Loan Applications
  • Municipal Waste Load Management Report    (Chapter 94)
  • Local Government Unit Debt Act Certification
  • Financing Alternatives Study
  • Preparation of Sewer Rate Ordinance
  • Preparation of Operating Budget
  • Capital Needs Analysis and Budget
  • Construction and Operation Cost Estimates
  • Rate Study  
  • Construction Inspection  
  • Spray Irrigation Systems 

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